Sep 05, 2020


A memex (memory index) is a conceptual data storage and retrieval system outlined by Vannevar Bush. With the rise of the Internet, we increasingly use our memory to remember where to find information (i.e. a Google search) rather than remembering the actual information. This project is an attempt to allow users to search and analyze the digital data that tech companies collect.

Summary Screen

Some example memex use cases:

  • - Trying to remember when you first encountered a topic
  • - Search trends across time
  • - Seeing a heatmap of location history

Currently, the project only uses data from parts of Google Takeout. I would like to extend it to provide more insights from Google Takeout, as well as insights on data from other digital services.

Memex does not send your data to off-device locations. Everything is processed and handled on your device.

You can download your Google Takeout data here.

When downloading your data export as the largest download size (50 GB) as this keeps your data from being divided.



This project uses ElectronJS and for the frontend. Golang and SQLite3 as the backend. The Google Takeout data is parsed using


Import Screen

Search Screen

Timeline Screen

Heat Map Screen